Bennett ~ Lake Stevens, Washington Newborn Photographer

I was so excited when Bennett arrived into this world and even more excited when his mama brought him into my Monroe, Washington studio. He was the perfect newborn model at 8 days new. (The perfect window for newborn sessions is 5-14 days new.) He let me pose him anyway I wanted and I am loved adding some wrapping and swaddling to my session workflow. He was handsome and squishy and sleepy. Didn't make a peep his whole session. 

Awaiting Baby Jace ~ Everett Washington Maternity Photographer

It's such a blessing when I am asked to document some of the most amazing moments in someone's life. I am invited into some of the most beautiful love stories and get to see how they unfold from two people who fell in love, vow to do life together, and then start a family. I have had the honor of being able to share in this story from engagement to wedding (in Jamaica I might add) to maternity with their first son and now the adding of this soon to be baby boy. I am beyond excited to meet him. And can't wait for this family of 3.5 become a family of 4.5. 

We started the session down by the river and it was the perfect backdrop for the outdoor session part of the shoot. We did some family photos (Cooper included ~ the pup) and then did some of just this beautiful mama to be. I was dying over her maternity session. Then we headed back to the studio located in Monroe, Washington for more family photos and some more artistic images of mama. 

I love that this family has trusted me with some of the biggest events in their lives and so honored to call them friends. I am so so very blessed that they trusted me and my vision for every session from their engagement photos to their destination wedding to the maternity session of their first son and now their maternity session with their second one with a few family photography sessions in the mix. To be allowed to celebrate in someone else joy is such a gift. 

If you are looking to book a maternity session the best time is month 7 or 8 of your pregnancy. Please contact me to book your session today. I'd love to document this time of your life. 

Spring Break ~ Making Memories


Spring break is right around the corner and that means long day of trying to find things to do. I don't know about you but my sidekick is one busy boy and always asking what were are going to be doing for the day. While he would love to do everything I'm perfectly content to stay at home. But I am trying to plan a few things.  I was browsing the good ol' internet and came across this AMAZING site : She has TONS of amazing ideas about everything and everywhere. Check her out.

(this is all her work and ideas. I take ZERO credit)

Whether you plan to drive near or far, there’s a Washington State destination just right for your family spring break getaway.

Northwest Washington Family Spring Break Ideas

1. Bellingham. A sweet little city often overlooked by families motoring up I-5; the college town of Bellingham deserves it own multi-day stay. See my post on 20 Things to Do in Bellingham with Kids, go on a scenic drive (stop often for candy!) and play in the snow at Mt. Baker.

2. San Juan Islands. Go whale watching on the ferry ride, then arrive in the supercute village of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, where you’ll probably stay, unless you go out to Roche Harbor. Drive around the island, using the article 13 things to do with kids on San Juan Island as your guide. Great vacation with bigger kids (elementary age).

3. Whidbey Island. An often less-expensive alternative to San Juan Island, Whidbey Island’s got it all: great dining, an unbelievably cool bookstore-puppet shop, and plenty of hikes and beach excursions.

Puget Sound Family Spring Break Ideas

4. Seattle. Spend a day or two at Seattle Center, and don’t miss these 35 free and cheap things to do with kids in Seattle. You could also combine a trip here with Bainbridge Island, just a ferry ride away. Check out the island’s guide to kids’ activities.

5. Tacoma. Yes, you’re very near Seattle, but Tacoma deserves its own spring break exploration, in my opinion, particularly with toddlers and preschoolers. Visit the beluga whales at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium (and let the kids go nuts on the great outside play structures) then bring toddlers to the new Children’s Museum of Tacoma.

6. Great Wolf Lodge. Read up on these 18 tips for staying at Great Wolf Lodge (in Grand Mound, about halfway between Portland and Seattle). You could combine a trip here with a stop in Olympia (Olympia is cool, but not worth an overnight stay, IMO).

Washington Coast & Olympic Peninsula Family Spring Break Ideas

7. Long Beach. Washington’s low-key answer to the Oregon Coast, with plenty to keep you busy for a weekend. Ride a horse, visit Jake the Alligator Man at Marsh’s Free Museum, play in the Long Beach sand (well, after you’ve put on a raincoat) and tour Cape Disappointment State Park.

8. Port Townsend. This Victorian seaport is inherently charming, and offers great family-friendly dining and activities for families. You could easily spend a few days here, with excursions to visit Port Angeles‘s kid-friendly picks.

South and East Washington Family Spring Break Ideas

9. Columbia Gorge. I grew up here! But don’t hold that against the Columbia Gorge. Check in at the Skamania Lodge (offering MANY kid-friendly spring-break activities), then go for a hike and count the violets for me.

10. Leavenworth-Lake Chelan. Tiny Leavenworth is great for a day or two — check out these quick guides on things to do with kids in Leavenworth and kid-friendly dining. But this destination can be combined with other destinations. Lake Chelan is another two hours away, but if you’re willing to make this a road trip, Lake Chelan’s pedestrian-friendly town and lovely lakeside views are worth another day or two.

11. Spokane. A wonderful getaway with chilly (but probably sunny) weather. Check out my article on the best of Spokane with kids and enjoy the brand-new Mobius Science Museum.

12. Suncadia. Combine a resort stay at Suncadia with a tour of the still-very-vintage (AKA rustic) ex-mining town of Roslyn-Cle Elum.

13. Walla Walla. If you like to unwind from a family day with a glass of wine, Walla Walla has you all set, with more than 100 wineries in town. But there’s plenty of non-vino activities (thank goodness!) to keep kids occupied, including a children’s museum.

14. Book a family photography session with yours truly, Kayla J Photography. Either at my studio located in Monroe, Washington or any surrounding location of your choice. :) (just sayin) 

Whatever you end up doing on your spring break may it be filled with many great memories. Whether is reading books at home on the couch or reading books under the light of moon and stars. Making blanket castle out of chairs and sheets or hiking to one. Many blessings to all of you. 

Drew ~ Shoreline Family Photographer ~ One year Session

Oh sweet Drew. How has a year already gone by? Your sweet baby dimples are just the cutest and I could have played with you all day at my studio. (located in downtown Monroe, Washington) It has been so fun to watch you grow from your newborn session to six months and now one year. 

Here are a few of my favorites from his newborn in the studio. It was so great to see his big brother whom I also had the honor of capturing his first year of life with our Newborn Session Collection. These two will be the best of friends. 

Contact me today to book your family, maternity, or newborn session. 

Harper ~ Marysville Washington Family Photographer ~ Milestone session

Oh my Harper. Such a CUTIE!!! I couldn't believe it was time for her six month milestone session. I knew it would be a fun session at my studio located in downtown Monroe Washington and that we would be able to use some of the things we used in her newborn session. From the cute headbands and blanket. She was such a ham and so much fun. I love seeing how much these little ones grow and change from their newborn sessions. Milestones sessions or what I also like to call sitter sessions have got to be my top three fave type of sessions to photograph.  

If you’re looking for a family photographer serving Snohomish Country please contact me for details on how to book your session. I'd love to talk with you

(Monroe Family Photographer)

Bennett ~ Snohomish Washington Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to meet the newest member of this family at my studio in Monroe Washington. And not to mention that I have had privilege of photographing his sisters since they were all newborns. He is one special baby boy and I'm sure he will give his sisters a run for their money when he gets a little older. But in the mean time they are all sweetest and best of friends. 

He was so good to me and I was couldn't contain myself when I saw his head full of hair.  I mean...seriiously!!! He was also such a good little model and let me try some new outfits I had just received to add to my newborn boy collection. 

If you’re looking for an  newborn photographer in Snohomish County please contact me for details on how to book your session. I'd love to talk with you

Monroe Newborn Photographer ~ Mr. Shepard ~ 7 days new

I couldn't contain my excitement when I ran into this little man's mom and dad and big sister at the local fair held every summer at the Evergreen State Fair. I knew that after photographing his parent's engagement, wedding, and big sister's newborn photos that I just HAD to snuggle with him when he arrive. I mean, LOOK at him!!!! Pure perfection and AMAZING hair.  Shepard was so great to me. I didn't even see his eyes once. Such a good sleeper, easy to pose, so squishy and so so handsome. ( A newborn photographers dream when doing a newborn session.)

If you’re looking for an  newborn photographer in your area  please contact me for details on how to book your session. I'd love to talk with you.

Monore newborn photographer, Kayla J Photography specializes in the art of newborn photography and serves the greater Seattle area.

Mason ~ One year birthday session. Arlington newborn and Children Photographer

How do these little ones grow so fast?  I just saw Mason in December for Santa photos and when he came to see me in January for his birthday session he was walking all over the place. He didn't want to sit still for even a second. We did manage to get some cute smiles and silly faces (which I love). We kept his session simple keeping the focus on him and how much he has change from his newborn session to now. He looks so much like his daddy. 

Merritt ~ 6 month sitter session. Standwood Children Photographer.

I couldn't believe it was time for Merritt's six month session. (or what I like to call "sitter session") This is one of my favorite types of sessions in my grow with me collection. (newborn, 6 months or sitting up and one year.) I was lucky to get to photographer her in her home for her newborn session and so excited when she came to the studio to see me for her next session. I LOVE her hair and she had so much personality and spunk.  I am so honor to get to see this little one grow up. And of course we had to snag a few poses with big brother. 


Miss E ~ First newborn baby girl of 2017 ~ Bellevue Newborn Photographer

Say ‘hello’ to Baby Eleni! The first baby girl in the studio of 2017. This sweet little newborn was so fun to photograph. She had the most sweets lips and didn't make a peep her whole session. He must have been having sweet dreams because he kept grinning and grinning throughout his photo shoot. I was so happy to capture these sweet smiles for his mama.

We kept things neutral for baby Eleni newborn photography session. I love working with neutral colors and soft tones. I feel this allows for her to show off her beauty and creates a timeless look. 

Eleni was surrounded by her mama and daddy as well as big brother and grandma and grandpa. It was fun to do a big family photo. We even snuck in a grandparent photo. Her mama also brought in a little sweater she wore when she was a baby that her grandma made for her. It was perfect to incorporate into some photos. Such a special family heirloom. 


Thinking about booking your newborn photography session? It’s never too early! Newborn sessions take place within five to twelve days after baby’s birth and my calendar fills up quickly. It is suggested that you book your newborn photographer at the beginning of your second trimester to guarantee room on their calendar around your estimated due date. However, last minute bookings are OK, too!


I have been thinking about this blog entry for a long time. It's something that runs deep in my soul and a huge part of my existence and being. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not the most eloquent writer. So here I am stepping on my soap box, but I feel like I need to say this. (I may be a long winded so please bare with me.)

I will forever cherish the prints I have tucked away in boxes, stuffed in albums and hanging on my walls. While they remind me of childhood memories of all the kids playing in the playhouse that my Dad built to the one of my Dad and I dancing while I so desperately wanted to freeze that moment in time and in my mind knowing that he was sick and that for me regardless that it was special and so meaningful. (These photos currently hang on a wall next to my computer as I type) along with photos of me and sister playing on a swing set as young girls mixed in with photos of my wedding day and some of my favorite candids of my sidekick when he was just days old to remind me of the faces he made then are still so apparent in the faces he makes today ~ 4 yrs later. These photos remind me of happy times, sad times, and often bring up emotions that make me smile, laugh and even cry. But that's why I have them. Printed. Tucked away in boxes, stuffed in albums, and hanging on my walls. 

My mama heart wanted to remember how since day 1 of his life to now, 4 yrs later he finds comfort in holding tight to my ear. For a little while longer this will bring him a simple peace. Photo Credit : Berryessa Photography

My mama heart wanted to remember how since day 1 of his life to now, 4 yrs later he finds comfort in holding tight to my ear. For a little while longer this will bring him a simple peace. Photo Credit : Berryessa Photography

I understand that we live in a digital world and I understand people WANT digital files. And I sell them. But it’s not the focus of my business. And why? It’s because you can’t hang a digital file on the wall in your home to be admired by everyone that visits or lives in the walls of your home.  And I have heard too many people say they put the disc in the drawer and never printed any of the images. This truly breaks my heart.  Your child, and grandchildren may not even be able to SEE the digital files. Remember 8 track tapes, film slides, floppy discs, and any other outdated technology? Who has a floppy disc drive on their computer right now? (This is the format my H.S Senior photos were in. And I'm not even that old. ) Do you have a VCR in your home to watch old home movies? What about a projector to watch your grandparents’ home movies? Even our cells phones change, crash and die. I don’t want my son or grandchildren to say “Where are all the photos of me and my adventures?" or "If only grandma and grandpa had printed these for us to see!”

Now, I know may go a little overboard but I have a collection of albums that hold childhood photos of mine, to wedding, to many photos of Blake and family moments.  (each holds 600 4x6 images and are nice and simple and black and available at Costco.) I have pulled them out overtime and am taken back to the feeling I felt when I saw my husband for the first time, to family vacations on the coast and how much fun was had celebrating fathers day with quad riding in the dunes, making a bonfire on the beach and roasting hot dogs surrounded by family to the moments I want to tuck way in my heart FOREVER. (and let me add this..even though some of these were a CELL phone pic I still printed it. )  I am romanticizing this a little. Let’s face it, the quality of the prints from our grandparents/parents’ day aren’t that great. But we have them. In our HANDS, able to touch them and bring them back to life in story.  Digital files are a fabulous way to archive your prints. But a digital file will never, ever replace an actual photographic print in my book.

And because a post without a picture is just silly – here are some of my faves. EVER!!! Now, wouldn’t it be a shame if this never got printed? 

And just a little humorous clip.