HI...I'm Kayla, or as some people like to say, Kayla J. This is the part where I get to tell you a bit about my story. (yay!!!) I never thought I would be a photographer. A teacher yes, but God had something different in mind. So after sitting class, and dreading EVERY second of it, I got up and walked out. I enrolled in the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated in 2006. Never looking back, I opened my store front studio in 2009 and have been incredibly blessed to meet so many amazing people. I am married to the most incredible handsome and supporting man in the world and am mommy to a very energetic little boy. We live on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the mountains
I love boots, hot cocoa, and sing off key. I am in love with babies and little ones, marriage, and love. 
I look forward to celebrating your life you with. Many blessings.