Why I always take a photo of Mom and Dad ~ Snohomish Washington Family Photographer

This a fair warning to all the moms and dads out there. When we do your family session I will get a few images of just the two of you. Many of you say "no, that's ok. "  But I may or may not pretend to hear you. :) Because in all reality when was the last time you had a photo of you with the love of your life? JUST THE TWO OF YOU? (and the selfie on your phone doesn't count and many times the answers is "our wedding." ) It started with just the two of you and I think it's so important to remember that. 

IMG_9193 copy_1.jpg

It's brings you back to what it felt like to date. How your hubby's hand on the small of your back makes you feel safe and loved. How your wife's sweet whispers drive you crazy. How being wrapped in each other arms is the place you always want to be. 

So even though you may be coming to me to photograph a family session, whether it be at my studio in Monroe Wa or on location know that I will always ask you to kiss your wife's cheek or grab on to your hubby's arms.