HI, My Name is Kayla , Kayla J as some people call me.

Hello. My name is Kayla, or what some call Kayla J. I wanted to introduce myself as I have made some new friends over the past year and wanted to share a bit more of myself to all of you. It's a bit terrifying but I thought it would be fun so here goes.... (scroll past the photo for more tibits.)


10 Things about me : 

  1. I LOVE my family and friends. I know this may go with out saying but for real. I love them deeply and something fierce.

  2. I drop out of college (expect my one photography class) to enroll at the Art Institute where I studied photography. (I didn’t tell my parents till after the semester was over)

  3. My dad LOVED Jeopardy and if I was a girl (they didn’t know that kind of thing back when I was born) I was going to be named Kayla, after a constant on the game show. My dad loved the name so much.

  4. I met my handsome man/hubby (the guy in the image above) at a country bar. I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC AND DANCING. I still try to go at least once a month but that doesn’t always happen. He was wing-man for a friend of his and mutual friend introduced us. We went on our first date and have been together ever since. Married in 2011 and together since 2009.

  5. I love being a boy mom!! I strongly believe I was intended to be a boy mom and God blessed us with one of the funniest, kindest, sweetest, most STUBBORN boy on the planet. And I’m a soccer mom.

  6. I am all about girl trips and traveling but HATE flying or traveling to get to the destination. I have been to Kenya, Philippines, , London just to name a few amazing places. Can’t I just click my heels and be there?

  7. I had never broken a bone until summer of 2017 in a Quading accident. I broke my spine in 4 places. I had to wear a brace all summer. (think Romy and Michelle High School reunion. ) My family is big into quads and motocross.

  8. I have been at my current studio located in downtown Monroe Wa. for 7 years. It’s a piece of heaven to me. It’s always changing but everything I could hope for in a photography studio space. (come see it please)

  9. I am a night owl. As much as I want to an early bird. So most of my work and editing gets done at night.

  10. I LOVE reality T.V. I just can’t help it. Survivor is one my faves and I can never seem to pick the right contestant to win. But for real, give me all the reality T.V. shows.

  11. BONUS : I’m terrible and blogging but one of my goals for 2019 is to blog more. :)

So, if you are still with me, thank you! Also, thank you for your continued support though out everything with not only Kayla J Photography but also with my personal life. Many of you have become close friends and I feel so blessed that you have allowed me to capture some amazing times in your lives. I really do have the best job from snuggling brand new babies in my studio for their newborn session, helping families create memories through joking and laughing along with helping you create custom heirlooms that decorate the walls of your home. (and my photography studio) Thank you for allowing me into your lives and sharing some of the most private, glorious, amazing moments with me. I can’t not wait for what 2019 hold. Hopefully lots of newborn sessions, family photography sessions, a few weddings and of course all the mini session like Snuggle sessions, Spring Mini Session and not to forget Limited Fall and Tree Farm Sessions. Cheers to you!!

May I capture what can not be said in words or always remembered in our minds.

Many Blessings,


(and this is what really goes down in our family)